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I have been pondering many things in my life lately.  Things such as what color to paint the basement at our house, where we should go on vacation, or is this the right time to buy a new car?  These are things that I have to think about and things that will make my life different in many ways, but they are also things that will never be life changing.  Life changing decisions are the decisions that have to do with faith and family.  When you make decisions regarding these things, the life change not only affects you, it affects those people you love the most in this world.  I never thought that the decision we made as parents about where our children went to school would be one of the hardest decisions of our lives.  We ended up switching schools a few times with our oldest two children and it was not good for them.  They struggled with a sense of belonging socially and with the material taught because of the changes to new curriculum.  These decisions affected them greatly.  Still, as young adults school is not one of their best memories.  However, we finally got it right with our youngest three and stayed very consistent with them in school.  They went to a small Christian school for the majority of their education and they are very well grounded and have fond memories of school.  There are many decisions parents are called to make for their children.  School is just one of them.  We are thankful for the many families that have made Faith Community Christian School their choice in their children’s education.  We see the benefits of students who complete our program all the way through the 5th grade.  When teachers at the local middle schools receive FCCS students, they tell me they know right away where they came from.  Our students display exemplary character, exceptional academics, and are well-rounded socially.  They go on to the high schools and often become the valedictorians and salutatorians in their graduating classes.  I love to tell young parents how we work with the home to bring up the child, how we are a support to home values, and how their children will truly benefit from the consistency between the home and the school.  Our partnership is not by accident, your children are here because you made a very important decision, a life changing choice for their future and yours.  I can’t say enough how thankful we all are to partner with you in raising the next generation.  Thank you for investing in your kids and making positive decisions for their future!

~ Mrs. Borgeson

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