Principal’s Corner

There is a church sign on the side of the highway on my way to school. The sayings change every so often and really haven’t caught my attention as being profound, until this week. The sign says “You will never regret investing in your kids.” How true is that? You will never regret investing in your kids. When you invest in your kids, you invest in your future, your grandchildren’s future and the world’s future. Your kids have the power and potential to change the world. What do you hope to see your children do when they are older? It is my daughter’s birthday today. She turns 24 years old. She is my third daughter and fourth child. When she was born all I saw was potential. She was a beautiful baby and so good. This little baby, along with her brothers and sisters, was going to make a difference in her world! That’s what I believed in my mind and it’s what I prayed for each day. It is the reason why we invested in our children. We sacrificed when they were young to give them a Christian education because we knew that what they learned at home should be learned at school and at church. We understood that we couldn’t raise great children on our own, that we needed the support of extended family, church family and school family to help us along the way. God provided so many people who loved and help guide our children as they grew. Now we have five grown children, all walking a different path in life, but all walking in a way to please God. They are making a difference in their own lives, in the lives of our grandchildren, and in the world around them. No better investment could have been made. We are honored to walk beside you here at Faith Community Christian School as you continue to invest so much in your children. You will never regret giving them the gift of a Christian education.

~Mrs. Borgeson

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