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Do you have a favorite something?  Maybe a favorite color or a favorite pastime?  I struggle with choosing a favorite anything.  How about your favorite verse?  Sometimes people will ask me what my favorite color is and when I try to answer it really takes me a long time.  I have to think about it and choose a color for that moment.   I can say for sure that fall is my favorite time of the year, as far as seasons go.  It is also a favorite time of year because school begins!  Then again, spring is really nice with the snow going away and the sun shining longer during the day.  Spring is also a great time for school.  It is a very busy time at school, when we often need many extra hands around the building.  As I write this we have former parents and present parents putting final touches on the auction items in the Big Room.  We also have the youth band from First Congregational Church in Belding playing for us in Chapel!  Soon we will be welcoming in our grandparents and special friends for Grandparents Day, April 21st.  I can honestly say that Grandparents Day is one of my very favorite days of the school year.  It is a day when we get to see lots of people who love the children in the school and who also love, support and pray for our school.  I can say without a hesitation that I do have a favorite passage of the Bible.  Henry Blackaby says in his book “Experiencing God” that God speaks to us in three distinct ways: through His Word, through prayer, and through other people.   God certainly does speak to me daily in these ways, but I hold on to the verse in Deuteronomy chapter 6 where He tells us to talk about Him in our everyday lives.  When I read that passage it just brings me back to the realization of how important it is for the works of the Lord to be made known to our children.  When we talk about the miracles God does every day it helps them to understand better who the Lord is.  Think about your favorites this week.  See what it is that really matters to you and share it with others.  Hopefully you will be blessed in the way God speaks to you through the things you love.  ~ Mrs. Borgeson

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