Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance is based upon our belief that the education of children belongs first to the family an their home church. Therefore, each family will be responsible for at least half of full tuition and must seek help from their church before applying. Assistance will be awarded on an annual basis and we trust that if your financial circumstances improve during the year, that you would notify the office so that we can re-adjust your tuition payments. Assistance will be awarded at the discretion of the Tuition Assistance Committee and will be based upon available funds and your application.


Guidelines for applying for Tuition Assistance:

1. Families must demonstrate a need (an inability to meet the full amount of tuition).
2. Families must first apply for assistance from their church, if a Christian Education Assistance program is available.
3. The cost of tuition exceeds 10% of your adjusted gross income. You will still be required to provide half of your full tuition.
4. Complete an application, which includes a copy of your most recent federal tax return (first page of the return).
5. Applications will be reviewed by the Tuition Assistance Committee. You will be notified of their decision and prior to granting any tuition assistance, you will be asked to meet with the committee.


If you wish to apply for tuition assistance or contribute to the Tuition Assistance Fund, please contact the school office, 794-3451 or the treasurer. This is a confidential matter and we will seek to maintain that.