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At FCCS, we believe in inclusive education. We believe that all children were made in the image of God and all children are able to learn and grow in a Christian school. 

As a part of our program, we offer interventions and special programs for parents to participate in while students attend school during the day. In addition, we actively screen for dyslexia and have a program available to offer reading therapy at school. 

FCCS has a new ESS (Educational Student Services) program and a director will be hired in the 2023/24 school year. We long to provide excellent and thorough care for all students.

How to Find Out if FCCS Can Help?

Please email to share more about your child and ask individual questions about his/her needs.


We believe in offering parent choice when it comes to special services. Parents are able to use their insurance and other resources (including outside grants) in order to help fund services. In addition, FCCS has an inclusive partnership with EnCourage Institute to guide help.

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