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We are members of the M5 Ranch Community and use the M5 Ranch Curriculum

as an outdoor curriculum supplement.

Our Goats
Our Bunny

In the fall of 2020, Faith Community Christian launched a brand new Green Engineering program. The program is designed for all students in grades PreK-5. The curriculum is taught on our nearly 7 acres of land located in West Michigan.

The students build outdoor ABODES with one another in a small group. The ABODES serve as a home base on our nearly 7 acre property. On Wednesday each week, our students will have planned Green Engineering time. Lesson plans and curricula will allow for outdoor play while learning important standards for grade level learning. During winter months, we have planned indoor Green Engineering activities.

Students will be led through an outdoor curricula which also includes animal care. We have goats on our property for children to care for and incorporate into learning.

Beginning in the fall of 2022, we are opening an intermediate school (grades 5 and 6). The focus of the intermediate school is sustainability within the concepts of gardening, canning and providing for our community in the area of food instability. We will have a strong focus on academics and sustainability.

We believe students flourish in God’s creation while learning grade applicable

key concepts and skills!

Our Abodes
Our Cow
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