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All In: Working Together

It takes all of us to make a school operate. As a group, we can work together to make a wonderful place for our students to learn and grow. Below, all the links are organized for your family to choose the best option for you. We all love our students and want to provide an incredible future for them. Let's start today! 

    Fundraising Choices

    Upcoming Fundraising Dates 2022

    March 1-5  Krispy Kreme Digital Dozen

    March 21  March Madness Can Drive

    March 25  Read and Feed

    April 1  Rada Cutlery Fundraiser

    April 22  FCCS Auction

    May 1  Mother's Day Flower Sale

    June 4  Inaugural Faith Farmer's Market 

    June 18  Faith Farmer's Market

    July 16  Faith Farmer's Market

    July 30  Faith Farmer's Market

    August 6  Faith Farmer's Market

    TBA May/June Community Yard Sale w/Food Trucks

    TBA June/July Summer Art Camp/Summer Soccer Camp


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