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Faith Community Christian School embraces a growth mindset. We believe every child is made in the image of God to do His work. 

We offer small classes in order to meet the needs of individual students. The key to excellent instruction is differentiation. Our teachers are determined to meet the needs of students each and every day.  Our style of teaching is entitled "teacher table" where we use a "recipe" for each child to meet his or her needs.

Our team's goal is to encourage each child to meet individual goals. We realize all children learn in different ways. Our hands on STEAM curriculum allows each learner to have success in an inquiry-based learning environment. 

We are a standards-based curriculum school which follows curriculum maps for each grade. Our curriculum is used as a tool in order to meet the needs of students. We use a variety of hands on learning experiences, including hosting goats on our 7 acre property.

Faith Community Christian offers music, technology, Spanish, art, STEAM specials and strong academic teaching in the classroom. We offer strong Bible teaching each and every morning for all children in each grade level, including a chapel program every Wednesday morning.

We believe in a growth mindset teaching model and we believe all children can learn new skills!
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