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Early Education Programs

FCCS offers a solid foundation in academics and Christian education. The cornerstone of a firm foundation is the beginning years. We long for students to love school and learn information to carry them through their formative years.


Our preschool program consists of 3-year-old and 4-year-old classes. The curriculum focuses on phonics, large and small motor play, sharing and social skills, and most importantly, the foundation of God's word, the Bible. Students must be potty trained to attend.

Junior Kindergarten

Our Junior Kindergarten program is geared toward students who are approaching kindergarten age but would benefit from another year in a structured program. The curriculum in the Junior Kindergarten classroom is similar to the Kindergarten classroom with slower pacing for younger students. We continue to offer directed play including large and small motor play. Every morning we begin with a focused Bible lesson to emphasize God's word.


Our kindergarten program is the final piece of our strong lower elementary. From a focus on phonological awareness to the basics of math reasoning, kindergarten is both academic and intentional. Our students learn social skills, how to be a student, and creative ways to problem solve. We believe strong students are well-rounded in both academic, social, and spiritual. Each day begins in God's word.

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